Migrating to a new brand

Refinitiv is a spinoff of Thomson Reuters specializing in financial market data and infrastructure. After being acquired by London Stock Exchange Group, the brand needed to convert marketing materials for over 400 digital products. They turned to TenTen for our specialized experience in navigating complex, multi-dimensional brand activation challenges. To succeed, we needed to empower Refinitiv with both a big-picture vision of the future, and a step-by-step roadmap for getting there. With a project so vast and interconnected, it was crucial that we understand the implications of every single brand move.

We took an MVP approach to migrating materials, using the launch of an initial set of products to pilot the new brand program and ignite the organization.


We were given freedom to define the brand’s migration strategy, and decided to pilot the program with 40 high-profile products. This plan was inclusive of resource needs, timings and more, ultimately creating a detailed roadmap for implementing the new brand.

  • Product marketing materials conversion plan
  • Base marketing (MVP) packages
  • Timeline
  • Taxonomy of asset types
  • Marketing material intake form
  • Migration work

You made the impossible…

Heidi Christen,
Head of Operations & Planning


Branding over 400 digital investment products is a challenge in and of itself. But migrating them seamlessly from one brand to the next, across physical and digital assets, without getting in the way of a company’s business operations? That’s a complex challenge that takes a full understanding of an organization’s marketing ambitions, resources and time sensitive needs.


We helped Refinitiv seamlessly operationalize the transformation of their vast array of marketing communications for over 400 digital products. Our roadmap helped the organization wrap their minds (and arms) around every piece of collateral and the web of resources and needs associated with their conversion. In addition to this robust map, we also designed a pilot program for migrating the first 40 digital products, serving as proof of our plan, as well as an example for internal teams to execute against Refinitiv’s vast set of digital products.


Telephone sessions with product / marketing / event SMEs

2 day

Worksession in London with digital / content / social teams

2 day

Worksession in Stamford to establish workflow model and additional tools

Originally valued at $20 billion, the company was purchased by the London Stock Exchange Group in August 2019 for

$27 billion.

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