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A blossoming fertility practice needed a new name and identity to differentiate from the competition and better represent their mission of supportive, personalized care. Based on strategic research and a deep understanding of client and patient needs, TenTen developed the name, Illume Fertility, as well as an entire visual identity that acts as a launchpad for all present and future brand expressions.

150+ employees5 locations8000+ babies born


After thorough research and testing, TenTen developed and launched the new name and branding, as well as implementation planning.

  • Naming Development
  • Visual Identity Development
  • Media Testing
  • Visual expression
  • Core Elements Guidelines
  • Launch and Implementation planning


TenTen designed Illume Fertility’s building blocks and extended them across numerous formats, marketing channels, and systems over the duration of 11 months.

  • Collateral system, templates, and usage guidelines.
  • Stationery system and templates
Illume brand guidelines


Illume Fertility’s original name, Reproductive Medical Associates of Connecticut (RMA CT), lacked meaning, memorability, and then relevance once their offices spread to New York state. More importantly, there were other RMA’s of New Jersey and New York which were not affiliated or related to our client.

RMA CT sought to eliminate this confusion while also seeking a more thoughtful brand name that conveyed support, safety, and personalized care.


The new brand name that TenTen created, Illume Fertility, illuminates the possibilities. The custom logo evokes hope, growth, and positivity and has a parent icon that supports the greater visual identity system.

Illume Fertility Logo
Illume Fertility Letterhead
Dr. Mark Leondires
Founder, Medical Director and Partner

“The name ‘Illume’ represents our role as a guide on our patients’ unique fertility journeys, to illuminate the path forward and help them find success.”

Dr. Mark Leondires
Founder, Medical Director and Partner
Illume custom icons
Illume Fertility

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