A symbol of change, not a change of symbol.
Not yet anyway.

Beacon Health’s mission statement was evolving. Their fear was that the brand didn’t stand up to the change—let alone apart from the competition. Once the strategy was set and the competition was understood, Beacon needed to find ownable moments—both in visual and voice—to really stand out and deliver on its promise to patients. Beacon planned on using their existing logo with the evolved brand. But, they also wanted to account for the potential of a new logo, down the road. Understanding that ask at the onset allowed us to build a system flexible enough to adapt for future growth and change.

7550+ Employees146 Care sites8 Hospitals


TenTen evaluated the brand identity to determine which parts aligned to the new mission and which needed to evolve. We reviewed existing brand materials and tools to understand where gaps might exist, ensuring a consistent patient experience. As part of our analysis, we also looked at the competitor set to see how far the brand needed to push to stand out.

  • Brand Diagnostic
  • Brand strategy
  • Tone of voice & messaging
  • Visual expression
  • Implementation plan
  • Media testing


TenTen translated the new mission into an actionable brand strategy, inclusive of personality and voice principles. From there, we developed a visual identity to act as a strategic and creative launchpad for all brand expressions.

  • Logo optimization & visual building blocks
  • Motion graphics toolkit
  • Iconography & infographics
  • Image library
  • Collateral design & templates
  • Powerpoint design & templates
  • Stationery design & templates
  • Promotional merchandise program
  • Signage look & feel
  • Brand guidelines
  • Subject matter expert guidelines


As Beacon started to roll out the work, we worked with teams across the organization to teach them how to bring the refreshed brand to life in a consistent and compelling manner. Our work involved training sessions, additional guidance and creating easy-to-use templates for non-designers.

  • Ongoing brand support & guidance
  • Brand education & training
  • Template extension

the brand

Make the brand
work harder

the creative

Define the
ownable moments

the work

Solve for today,
plan for tomorrow
Beacon Logos


Beacon had name recognition, but not brand recognition. It had developed a new mission to be more patient-centric, but its current identity didn’t align, nor did it telegraph the positive changes they were making to better serve their patients and communities.

Beacon Health System


We found an ownable space—both in visual and voice—to really stand out and demonstrate its commitment to better serving patients no matter where they received care throughout the Beacon Health System

Beacon website opened on a laptop
Beacon App opened on mobile
Beacon brand tiles
Beacon Pamphlets
Beacon website screenshots

“This isn't about a big rebrand.
This is about making an existing brand work harder

Carey Cocktrum, Director of Brand, Marketing and Creative Services
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