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Freeman is a well-established event and experience brand that came to TenTen with its foundational identity elements in place, but with a need to extend and amplify its new brand to the world. We created design-intent assets, templates and brand guidelines to help turn the company’s logo, color palette and typeface into a full, flexible system that lives across media and materials.

Freeman has a robust, multi-disciplinary creative team. We partnered with in-house talent to co-create a better outcome together.


TenTen extended the brand’s visual system and created a full suite of collateral templates with multiple artwork and layout source pages for use in future collateral.

  • Logo & color palette refinement
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Secondary graphic elements
  • Collateral design system
  • Stationery design system
  • Powerpoint design & template
  • Brand guidelines

TenTen has more than lived up to expectations. Polished, professional, creative, consultative, strategic, empathetic, and, above all, extraordinarily helpful in guiding us to a better brand place.


As a well-loved experience firm with over 100 years of history taking audiences to new places, the Freeman brand itself was ready for a transformation. A recent brand effort led to a new logo, color palette and typeface, but Freeman needed a partner to help evolve the brand beyond the mark and create a more complete visual world. Just as importantly, brand users needed design intent examples, templates and guidelines to help bring the new brand to life.


After assessing and evaluating the new brand’s ambition and aesthetic, TenTen refined the core brand elements and created an extended visual system that tells the Freeman story more completely. We also created a full suite of collateral templates with multiple artwork and layout source pages for use in future collateral, as well as stationery design and intent and helpful starter files. Today, Freeman has a library of inspiring examples to carry the brand forward, supported by clear, codified guidelines.

"We could not have done this without the support of the TenTen team. Thank you for helping us transform our brand and give Freeman a fresh, fun look. You all set us up for success and we now have all the assets to build a beautiful brand. And the team is raving about the work—they absolutely love it.”


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