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Cognizant is a leading player in business process outsourcing and IT consulting. In 2017, the company refreshed their logo to own a more modern leadership position and signal their ongoing transformation to the marketplace. TenTen worked with Cognizant to translate this logo into a full visual system that could easily be put into practice by over 280,000 Cognizant employees. With a time zone- and facility-spanning workforce to consider, TenTen guided the company through a global roll out, one step at a time.


TenTen worked with Cognizant to develop a global launch and activation plan that took into account the geographic and time distances across the Cognizant workforce.

  • Launch & implementation planning


TenTen worked with Cognizant’s internal and external partners to understand the new logo and initial design elements, then extend this thinking to a complete visual system.

  • Design system extension
  • Collateral design & templates
  • Stationery design & templates
  • Powerpoint design & templates


The TenTen team worked to execute a massive changeover ahead of launch, providing materials production, program management and oversight, and implementation services.

  • Launch producer


Change was well underway for the Cognizant brand. And while the organization’s design partners had successfully reimagined the brand’s look and feel in a more modern and leading way, they weren’t equipped to translate their design intent into a flexible global system. Further, the brand needed to be easily put into practice by over 280,000 employees across the organization.


TenTen created a plan to coordinate the global rollout of the new Cognizant brand across the entire organization, ensuring its adoption with a massive workforce. We also worked with the organization to turn their selected design direction into a full-fledged visual system with the tools, templates and processes needed to be useful and usable by a range of marketing and non-marketing personnel.

The new Cognizant launched in a single 24-hour period to every associate worldwide.

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