There’s more to launching a brand than launching a logo

When going through a rebrand, people often mistakenly think that once a logo is ready, they’re ready to launch. Whether it be from excitement or anxiety, they want to launch quickly. However, what many fail to realize is that there’s a lot more to launching a brand than just debuting a new logo — especially if you want your new brand to be successful.

Before you launch your brand, make sure you’re ready to support it

Consider a proactive approach to launch timing. Engage your employees and educate them on the strategy first, then reveal name and logo as proof points to support the story once your brand tools are ready. This approach maximizes impact, builds momentum by keeping people engaged and increases adoption by ensuring brand tools are ready for use.

Revealing your new name or logo without having the necessary brand tools ready for users could send the wrong message and possibly say that this isn’t real or something the company is committed to. Equipping team members with sufficient tools and training to guide them ensures proper utilization of the new brand, thus preventing people from just making up rules.

Start by defining your brand MVP

While one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply when it comes to launch timelines, launching too quickly can lead to confusion, business disruption and lack of adoption. When planning for a rebrand, we work with clients to help define a “minimal viable product” for their brand launch.

Knowing that not everything needs to be ready by launch, TenTen looks at engagement, education, implementation and governance to find the right balance between impact and adoption. Our goal is to balance the “Wow” factor of a new brand with making sure everyone involved knows not just what we’re doing, but why it matters to the business, your employees and your customers. Through a touchpoint prioritization process, we find the right balance of tools, templates and guidelines to make sure that your organization is ready for launch. This approach ensures a brand’s success when launching.

At TenTen, we are plan-centric. We believe a brand activation plan is critical to the success of any change in brand. If you’re considering a change to yours, contact us, we can help!

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