Three branding questions every PE firm should ask

An organization’s brand is one of the most valuable assets, which is why it’s imperative that brand is aligned to long-term business goals and growth strategies. TenTen helps private equity firms create value for their portfolio companies through brand implementation planning, ensuring scalability to support rapid and sustainable growth.

Start-up, acquisition, merger or spin off - brand change is inevitably part of the buying, growing and selling process. When thinking about how brand drives value creation, it’s imperative to answer these three questions:

1. How does brand fit into each company’s Value Creation Plan?

The brand implementation planning process surfaces and organizes brand related investments that support company growth. Taking it a step further, this exercise outlines how you will get these projects done and how much they will cost - ensuring efficient and effective brand delivery. It accounts for tight timelines, evaluates existing branded assets, and determines what else you will need to support a new or evolved brand in market.

2. When scaling a brand, which scenarios yield the greatest impact for the lowest cost?

Aligning brand scenario planning to business objectives allows organizations to optimize scalability while moving quickly and keeping costs down. It's important to quantify the options (i.e., which brand assets are ready for launch vs. which are converted over time) in order to support budget allocation, tying investment to expected impact and cost savings.

3. What governance structure do you have in place to protect brand investments and be prepared for sale?

It's important to identify brand users, decision makers and what tools they need to execute and extend the brand. The process of connecting the right people with the right tools ensures the brand is implemented and managed in a way that generates the greatest company value.

TenTen's approach of plan, build and manage establishes a brand execution roadmap to support effective market delivery and business growth goals. Taking a proactive and replicable approach to brand change can be a competitive advantage. Send us a note at to start the conversation.



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