Speaking Brand Implementation

Douglas Spencer hosts TenTen Founder, Darren Horwitz, on Spencer Brenneman’s podcast, Messaging on a Mission. Focused on making a difference in the world through telling stories, Spencer Brenneman sought out Darren’s advice on what it takes to implement a rebrand built on the framework of plan, build and manage.

Darren offers candid and actionable thoughts on 6 key takeaways (expended upon in Brand Implementation 101). Don’t mistake the informative nature of the podcast as boring – Darren and Douglas’s longtime friendship makes for a lively conversation!

  • Start talking about implementation early on
  • Prioritize what needs to be done now…and what can wait’
  • Creatively engage your employees at launch
  • DIY some of the work in-house…but not all of it
  • Think of rebranding as a long-term investment
  • Use the framework of Know, Believe, Live, and Advocate!

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