Optimizing your brand without breaking the bank

Maybe you’ve seen the show, “Love It or List It” on HGTV. It’s a simple premise; two hosts (she an interior decorator and he a real estate agent) compete to win over a couple’s choice in either staying in the house they currently own by remodeling it or moving to a new dream house. It’s a fun show that gives the owners many opportunities to fall back in love with their existing home or go for something new and list their existing home for sale.

Sometimes, you just need a different house. But, sometimes the best answer is to paint the house or replace the kitchen cabinets. Brands can work the same way: you can certainly rebrand and that may be the right answer. But, you can also work with your existing brand to make it work harder.

Rebranding is an investment. But, there may be easy fixes to the existing brand that won’t break budgets.

Rebranding can often send a signal of change internally and externally, though, not inexpensive. Also, you’ve probably already invested heavily in your existing brand. Often, the best investment can be to bolster what you already have.

TenTen often works with clients to optimize their existing brand. What does that mean? We start by looking at baseline brand tools, engagement activities and management processes to ensure that you have the right foundational tools in place. By doing so, we can quickly understand where your brand is today and what you need to do to signal change while protecting your investment.

We are experts at closing the gap between a brand being built and using it consistently.

Let TenTen help you fall back in love with your brand.

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