Using past experience to expedite GE HealthCare's rebrand planning

From hypothesis to actionable implementation plan

In November of 2021, GE announced its decision to split into three separate companies, aviation, healthcare and energy. According to CEO Lawrence Culp, “by creating three industry-leading, global public companies, each can benefit from greater focus, tailored capital allocation, and strategic flexibility to drive long-term growth and value for customers, investors, and employees.”1

With Interbrand leading the brand strategy and visual identity work, they brought us in to focus on implementation planning for GE HealthCare. A launch date was set for January 4, 2023 and time was moving quickly when it came to launch and implementation.

“It was our job to help GE HealthCare with a realistic, yet impactful plan for how they were going to launch and roll out their new brand given their budget and timeline,” said TenTen Partner Beth Mallow.

A sound process and past experience were critical to success. Having just completed the implementation plan for GE Aviation, we had existing knowledge of GE’s business and internal dynamics. This allowed us to come to GE HealthCare with an implementation hypothesis inclusive of prioritized workstreams and timing as well as resourcing recommendations. This allowed us to move directly into plan validation and alignment on an implementation strategy.

“Because of our extensive experience with implementation planning and with GE, we were able to bring people along quickly, helping them understand what to expect leading up to launch and beyond. Without this experience, we wouldn’t have been able to problem solve as quickly to meet the established launch date.” said Beth.

Beyond implementation planning, we also assisted with extending Interbrand’s design system where we built out the tools, templates and creative assets necessary to further bring the brand to life across the global organization. It was important to create scalable solutions that would meet the needs of launch day, but also remain relevant after day one. This discipline ensured that work wouldn’t be duplicated in the future and that GE Healthcare would be set up for long-term success.

“Our approach to design systems is a differentiator,” said Beth, “one-off solutions create inefficiencies, so instead we look for templates that can solve several creative needs at one time and remain relevant beyond launch.”

GE HealthCare’s launch was a milestone celebrated by all parties involved. We at TenTen were proud to play a small role in their success.


1 GE to break up into 3 companies focusing on aviation, health care and energy

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