Celebrating 100 Rebrand Plans

100 clients across industries, 100 brand changes and 100 success stories. In just over 7 years, the team at TenTen has produced 100 rebrand plans to guide our clients through brand implementation. 

What’s a brand implementation plan?

A roadmap for bringing a brand to life, answering critical questions such as:

What is the launch and rollout strategy? 

What needs to be branded?

How long will it take? 

Who will do the work? 

How much will it cost? 

Why do rebrand plans matter?

Our plans help clients see the holistic picture, anticipate audience needs, nail down details and uncover efficiencies. As Heidi Christen, former Head of Operations & Planning at Refinitiv said, we “made the impossible possible,” by developing a comprehensive implementation strategy for migrating marketing materials. We proudly close the gap between brand identity and operationalization - making brands work in the real world.

Why is this worth celebrating?

Over the course of 100 rebrand plans, we impacted 28 different industries, engaged over 3 million employees, converted 17,629 touchpoints and saved our clients millions of dollars by creating efficiencies. Bottom line, we help 100 organizations succeed at brand change.

“100 brand implementation plans. 100 rebrands in just over seven years. That’s more than one rebrand a month. I didn’t work on that many rebrands when I was at the global branding agencies. In fact, I don’t think I worked on that many rebrands in my entire career prior to founding TenTen. And, I couldn’t be prouder!” 

Darren Horwitz, Founder

We’re a brand implementation firm who’s created over 100 rebrand plans, helping clients maximize and protect their brand investment.

What’s your plan?



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