Business Choreography Podcast: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Branding

Michael Johnson engages Founder Darren Horwitz in a conversation about what it means to help companies “choreograph” brand implementation efforts. They explore the intricacies of addressing diverse audiences, refining, and scaling brand strategies, and seizing opportunities for significant cost savings. With an emphasis on interactive planning and understanding client needs, Darren discusses an approach that’s universally adaptable to businesses of all sizes—whether evolving product lines or navigating mergers and acquisitions. His expertise shines as he provides practical advice on refreshing brand elements, optimizing messaging, and modernizing visual identity.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The importance of bringing multiple business functions together to learn how each group uses the brand in order to find the most effective solutions
  • Potential reasons for rebranding and the importance of doing it the right way
  • How to create consistency across all of your experiences by having a strong center of gravity and understanding everywhere your brand lives
  • The experience TenTen has gained while working on over 100 rebrands and how value is delivered to clients


Click below to hear this episode of Business Choreography with Darren.



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