Number 100

A TenTen Original Series

We’re on our way…

94 brand implementation plans to date and counting

100 plans

100 clients across industries
100 different brand challenges
100 success stories

And the numbers keep getting better…

15,568 branded touchpoints captured
1,780,370 employees reached through implementation plans
$76,210 saved on average, per client, by creating the right marketing templates
$1mm saved by consolidating brand management software systems
$1.5mm savings identified within a global sign program

Our Journey to 100 Brand
Implementation Plans

Some would argue 100 is a big number, for example 100 sports cars feels like a lot. Others might say that 100 is a small number, like 100 calories in a snack bar. With that said, the number 100 needs context to substantiate.

What if we told you that this year TenTen will have built implementation plans for over 100 brands during the span of 6 short years, reaching over 1.7 million employees? Allow us to unpack this milestone to provide more context around what this means to our clients and the magnitude of brand transformation.

First let’s talk about why clients come to us for brand implementation plans. When an organization is considering brand change (due to a merger, spin off, acquisition, rebrand, etc.) it has a huge impact from a time, people, money and culture perspective. Couple that with critical actions that need to be taken to express the brand externally and you have several competing priorities. Brand implementation plans help leaders anticipate and coordinate their brand related needs, answering the questions: what, why, when and how much.

On average, the planning process takes somewhere between 4-6 weeks (laying out 12-18 months of work), requiring buy-in and involvement from several teams within an organization – it’s no small undertaking. For us the reward comes from helping clients succeed in brand change, both in execution and culturally, helping them plan for meaningful activities that make a difference in the real world.

Every rebrand is different. A proper
implementation plan accounts for that.
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The value of a brand implementation plan

What do you need? How long will it take? Who will do the work? How much will it all cost? An implementation plan should be your very first step in rebranding and here is why!

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Who does the work

All of this in addition to your day job? Nail down who does the work when it comes to implementing your brand everywhere it lives.

How much it costs

Rebranding is no small decision, and can be quite costly. It’s important to find the greatest amount of savings and efficiencies.

Common Underestimations

After 100 plans we’ve learned a lot about what organizations commonly underestimate when it comes to brand change.

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